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‘Wicked the Musical’ Review

There are more than one historical moments in musical theater where through their explicit talents and skills a production has lasted more than decades surviving through each obstacle and critic set in their way. One of those rebellious yet outstanding musical is the “Wicked”. Since the time it has opened in New York in October 2003, it has mesmerized its audience with its brilliance

The production has witnessed more than 8.8 million of people, who found in their heart to go and watch the show. And ever since then, you can see a theater filled with audience from young to old where there “Wicked” is playing. A Story adopted from a 115-year-old Children’s Novel by Gregory Maguire named “Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West”. It is an untold story of the wizards of the Oz and is amongst the highest most grossing productions of all time.

The Production recently found its way to Midtown-Manhattan and simply blown away the audience by its magnificence. Rachel Tucker, taking on the role of green-skinned Elphaba, a.k.a. the Wicked Witch of the West that she has been successfully portraying for almost 3 years on the West End enthralled the audience with her spellbinding voice by her opening number “The Wizard and I” at the Gershwin Theatre. Wicked tickets sell very fast for Gershwin theatre. Collection of cheap Wicked musical tickets are available now. You can check map and select your seats before you buy.

Kara Lindsay, portraying Glinda the Good Witch, alongside her brilliantly displayed the true character of a frivolous yet friendly blond, showing her talent for singing and making her audience love her all the more with her comedy skills.

Other mentionable acts include Michele Lee as the treacherous Madame Morrible and Arielle Jacobs as Nessarose, Jacobs certainly brings the charm to the show.

The best of choreography by James Lynn Abbott comes from a very stunningly extracted piece of ballet that appears without a notice during the lively song “Dancing through Life.” While Stephen Schwartz show offs his talent with classical scores that provide a wonderful platform for the actors to perform on, especially the mesmerizing tones of “As Long as You’re Mine” and the insinuation of lightheartedness in the rhythms of “What is this Feeling.” No doubt he is one of the most prominent composers in history.

The plot summary for “Wicked” on Wikipedia exceeds 2100 words, this not only hints us on the fan base of the show but also surfaces the fact that this musical has a lot going on in it. Wicked is a romantic comedy with traces of political issues as well as a piece dedicated to animal rights, (with talking goat and flying monkeys and all), drawbacks of getting what you want, a caution alert to setting limits to friendship and a tribute to classical film.
Life has never been kind to green-skinned creatures in mythical stories, take Shrek or hulk for instance. Wicked is truly a unique story about two distinct and dissimilar women attached to each 0other with an unexplained emotional bond. Eugene Lee’s mastery in production has tide this musical into one through all thick and thin. The plot might confuse you at first but as you keep on watching it becomes clearer and clearer. To be precise the show is about learning to live with your choices. Once a step has been taken you can’t move clocks back and you’ll have to move on whether you felt pride or regret on your doings.

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