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The International Composers Festival 2018 Scheduled for 21st to 23rd of September

The International Composers Festival returns for its fourth year to Hastings and Bexhill on the sea, East Sussex, UK on September 21st to 23rd this year. The Festival is an exceptional mix of most trending and one-of-a-kind performances that are seen nowhere else in the world.

It is a rare opportunity to listen to some of the most exciting and stirring classical melodies that are being written today. Enjoy three days comprising of four concerts including full of famous orchestral scores, films, gaming and television themes, choral and chamber music. The International Composers Festival is a one of a kind festival established and created by the successful concert pianist, conductor and composer Polo Piatti.

This Three-Day even conveys some of the finest classical talents to Hastings offering both well established and famous composers who have been successfully making their career to new and upcoming artists with fresh talent in their pockets looking for someplace in the modern classical music domain.

The Festival will run four concerts on three days event starting from Friday, 21st to Sunday, 23rd of September 2018. The Four split concerts include a Grand Opening Concert, a Chamber Concert, a Film Concert and concluding with a premiere performance of The Crane’s Wife ballet in a Family Concert.

Composers also submit their work to get approval by the Festival to be able to perform in on the three in-house composites that include, the International Festival Symphony Orchestra, the Children’s Festival Choir, and the International Festival Chorus.

The International Composers Festival is a festival for everyone. The festival comprises of the internationally famous professional players together with countless local musicians and world-class soloist performing unique and thrilling mixes bridging yearn full sounds to the concerts. The International Composers Festival is the only festival that gets together well-known international composers and musicians bringing along their most touching and widespread works live.
Here is a list of Composers and other music artists that are expected to perform live at the International Composers Festival 2018.

  • Sergio Puccini (21st Sept.)
  • John Andrews (21st-23rd Sept.)
  • Ash Madni (21st & 23rd Sept.)
  • Nobuya Monta (23rd Sept.)
  • Dominik Scherrer (22nd Sept.)
  • Sarah Thurlow (21st Sept.)
  • Oliver Poole (22nd & 23rd Sept.)
  • Carlos Salomon (22nd & 23rd Sept.)
  • Paul Lewis (21st & 22nd Sept.)
  • Katerina Mina (21st & 22nd Sept.)
  • Lorenzo D’Antò (22nd Sept.)
  • Melody Woodham (21st Sept.)
  • Simon Morgan
  • Niconomiel Dance CO. (23rd Sept.)
  • Ian Livingstone (22nd Sept.)
  • Rosemary Duxbury (22nd Sept.)
  • Olajide Paris (22nd Sept.)
  • Penny Loosemore (22nd Sept.)
  • Andy Gill (21st Sept.)
  • Brighton Film Quartet (22nd Sept.)
  • Jane Gordon (21st – 23rd Sept.)
  • Mayu Uesugi (23rd Sept.)
  • Justin Pearson (21st – 23rd Sept.)
  • Sunny Li (22nd & 23rd Sept.)
  • Ryoki Midorima (23rd Sept,)
  • Taja & Anna Astar (22nd Sept.)
  • Chris Nicolaids (22nd Sept.)
  • Michael Heath (21st Sept.)
  • Emili Rachemanne (22nd Sept.)
  • Antonio D’anto (22nd Sept.)
  • Matthew Curtis (21st Sept.)
  • Noelia Escalzo (21st Sept.)
  • Garry Judd (22nd Sept.)
  • Philip Godfrey (22nd Sept.)
  • Tasoulla Christou (22nd Sept.)
  • Kevin Riley (21st-22nd Sept.)
  • Julian Marczak (23rd Sept.)
  • Fiona Bennett (22nd Sept.)
  • Alex Marrupe (22nd Sept.)
  • Alexei Knupffer (22nd Sept.)
  • Diane Wilks (22nd Sept.)
  • Thomas Hewitt Jones (21st Sept.)
  • Eastbourne Academy Of Dancing
  • Debbie Wiseman (23rd Sept.)
  • Jacopo Croci (21st Sept.)
  • Julian Norridge (21st-23rd Sept.)
  • International Festival Orchestra
  • Diana Freedman School of Dance
  • Pedro Vilarroig (21st Sept.)
  • John Williams
  • Jonahan Bruce (22nd Sept.)
  • Polo Piatti (21st-23rd Sept.)
  • Simon Proctor (23rd Sept.)
  • Chris Lacey (22nd Sept.)
  • Louise Denny (21st Sept.)
  • Patrick Doyle (22nd. Sept.)
  • Katie Molloy (21st Sept.)

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