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Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Luzia’ celebrates the beauty of Mexico

As the young lady dressed as a butterfly blasts onto the stage running at full power, pants can be heard in the group of spectators and many telephones show up as individuals attempt to catch photographs and recordings.

Cirque du Soleil’s “Luzia” affects individuals, said Kelly McDonald, a stunt-devil and lead craftsman in the show, which will be in Hartford until July 21.

Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Luzia’

“The group of spectators dependably has a positive response. We can see the eyes of every individual in the crowd. It is exceptionally cozy. Despite the fact that there are many individuals we can see that we contact something other than what’s expected in every individual,” she said.

The show is a tribute to Mexico, mirroring the music, history, nourishment and conventions of the nation. Albeit all of Cirque du Soleil’s exhibitions are brilliant, gymnastic perfect works of art, “Luzia” is extraordinary on the grounds that it is the primary demonstrate that consolidates water.

“We have a water framework that enables our tumblers to play out their traps in the water,” said Charlie Wagner, marketing expert for “Luzia.”

Wagner said it was difficult to consolidate the water.

“It was a test since water had never been utilized in a Cirque du Soleil show and we needed to figure out how to do it in a manner that was safe for our specialists,” she said.

“Luzia” joins the Spanish words for light and downpour. Both are a piece of the history and imagery of Mexico.

“The downpour is extremely noteworthy in Mexican culture. Contingent upon what part of Mexico you are from, there are particular kinds of downpour, be it tempests or haze or downpour and wind, that you relate to,” said Wagner.

McDonald was a tumbler as a youngster, and in the wake of moving on from school she chose to evaluate Cirque du Soleil for a year while she searched for a perpetual activity. Following eight years at a show in Las Vegas, she chose to proceed with her vocation with “Luzia.”

McDonald spends significant time in tumbling, trapeze and adagio.

“I like adagio the most since it’s a moderate move that consolidates tumbling, yet it likewise has a great deal of feeling,” she said.

There are 46 specialists from 17 nationalities and in excess of 20 nations spoke to in the show, yet altogether there are 125 individuals including artists, gourmet experts, physical advisors and coaches who travel with the craftsmen.

There are a few Latin specialists from Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico and Mexico, including the show’s lead vocalist, Majo Cornejo, who is Mexican, and piano player Felipe Saray, who is Colombian and McDonald’s significant other.

“We met attempting to plan ‘Luzia.’ Here we are largely similar to a family and we deal with one another and we adore one another,” McDonald said.

She said that being a piece of a demonstrate that speaks to Latin culture has been extremely extraordinary to her. McDonald talks familiar Spanish.

“For me, I am extremely pleased to be a piece of ‘Luzia’ on the grounds that we can speak to everything that is wonderful and everything that possibly numerous individuals don’t think about the nation and the way of life,” McDonald said. “We are craftsmen from everywhere throughout the world speaking to Mexico and we are accomplishing something so excellent and enchanted and we can do it together.”

Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Luzia’ Tickets

After its keep running in Hartford, “Luzia” will be exhibited in Canada, England and Russia.

“Individuals love this show. As I would like to think this is one of Cirque’s most amazing shows, particularly for the water component, “Wagner said. “There are minutes that make you giggle and minutes that make you cry and others in which you can ponder the excellence of each demonstration.”

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