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Chicago The Musical: A Review

Though it’s been 20 years since Chicago’s first cast set foot on the stage it still is booming and brimming the Broadway Musical Theaters. The story is about all the crimes rampant in our societies and I mean literally all of them you name them. I once had and experience of watching the show live and it just stole my heart.

The musical is an amazing mix of tragedy and satire and I probably loved by many. In the history of longest-running Broadway Musicals Chicago marks the second rank only second to The Phantom of the Opera.

Chicago has lived through in this big competitive world of Broadway in these 20 years holding its head high with class just like one of the contemplative songs in the show where Velma and Mama Morton talks about what has happened to the class. At that time the thought that erupts in mind well why the show has got it in plenty.

Chicago is a living proof that there is no need for over-the-top staging and various consume changings are not the aspects that makes a show a grand hit. It’s the acts you put together and how you put it together how you deliver your message to the audience is what matters. And Chicago with John Kander & Fred Ebb supervision and magnificent choreography by Bob Fosse have done a pretty good job I’ll say. And another plus point are William Ivey’s tightly fitted and habitually transparent all black costumes. That from where the show draws all that sensuality.

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With their live band on the stage the show must have been a revolutionary musical back in its debut staging on 14th November 1996. Chicago the musical tickets sell very fast. Get them from Tickets4musical in advance if you want to watch it.

You forget how ground-breaking this revival must have been, when it officially opened on Broadway on 14th November 1996. Moments of breaking the fourth wall to introduce the musical numbers and having the conductor of the band interact with the actors on stage, still set Chicago apart from its predecessors, and who wouldn’t want to call for their “Exit Music” each time they left the room?

Chicago is equally as famous for its revolving casting door, which has seen both Broadway veterans and celebrities from the world of music, TV and film take to the stage and sink their teeth into those coveted principal roles for special limited engagements. Some of the company’s principals have been with the show for quite some time and continue to delight with every performance. You can get Chicago the musical tickets cheap from

Chicago The Musical Broadway

Williams’ brassy and sultry Mama Morton, Raymond Bokhour’s ever-loveable Amos and R. Lowe’s skilled, gender-bending performance as Mary Sunshine are always crowd-pleasing and essential parts of the production, offering the degree of stability that takes it smoothly through its many cast changes. Although some would argue that Chicago has been reduced to a star vehicle for celebrities wishing to dip their toes into the world of Broadway, I see it as a living, breathing piece of musical theatre history, which rightfully remains at the Ambassador Theatre and reminds us that all you need is class and, of course, all that Jazz!

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