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‘Wicked the Musical’ Review

There are more than one historical moments in musical theater where through their explicit talents and skills a production has lasted more than decades surviving through each obstacle and critic set in their way. One of those rebellious yet outstanding musical is the “Wicked”. Since the time it has opened in New York in October 2003, it has mesmerized its audience with its brilliance

The production has witnessed more than 8.8 million of people, who found in their heart to go and watch the show. And ever since then, you can see a theater filled with audience from young to old where there “Wicked” is playing. A Story adopted from a 115-year-old Children’s Novel by Gregory Maguire named “Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West”. It is an untold story of the wizards of the Oz and is amongst the highest most grossing productions of all time.

The Production recently found its way to Midtown-Manhattan and simply blown away the audience by its magnificence. Rachel Tucker, taking on the role of green-skinned Elphaba, a.k.a. the Wicked Witch of the West that she has been successfully portraying for almost 3 years on the West End enthralled the audience with her spellbinding voice by her opening number “The Wizard and I” at the Gershwin Theatre. Wicked tickets sell very fast for Gershwin theatre. Collection of cheap Wicked musical tickets are available now. You can check map and select your seats before you buy.

Kara Lindsay, portraying Glinda the Good Witch, alongside her brilliantly displayed the true character of a frivolous yet friendly blond, showing her talent for singing and making her audience love her all the more with her comedy skills.

Other mentionable acts include Michele Lee as the treacherous Madame Morrible and Arielle Jacobs as Nessarose, Jacobs certainly brings the charm to the show.

The best of choreography by James Lynn Abbott comes from a very stunningly extracted piece of ballet that appears without a notice during the lively song “Dancing through Life.” While Stephen Schwartz show offs his talent with classical scores that provide a wonderful platform for the actors to perform on, especially the mesmerizing tones of “As Long as You’re Mine” and the insinuation of lightheartedness in the rhythms of “What is this Feeling.” No doubt he is one of the most prominent composers in history.

The plot summary for “Wicked” on Wikipedia exceeds 2100 words, this not only hints us on the fan base of the show but also surfaces the fact that this musical has a lot going on in it. Wicked is a romantic comedy with traces of political issues as well as a piece dedicated to animal rights, (with talking goat and flying monkeys and all), drawbacks of getting what you want, a caution alert to setting limits to friendship and a tribute to classical film.
Life has never been kind to green-skinned creatures in mythical stories, take Shrek or hulk for instance. Wicked is truly a unique story about two distinct and dissimilar women attached to each 0other with an unexplained emotional bond. Eugene Lee’s mastery in production has tide this musical into one through all thick and thin. The plot might confuse you at first but as you keep on watching it becomes clearer and clearer. To be precise the show is about learning to live with your choices. Once a step has been taken you can’t move clocks back and you’ll have to move on whether you felt pride or regret on your doings.

Chicago The Musical: A Review

Though it’s been 20 years since Chicago’s first cast set foot on the stage it still is booming and brimming the Broadway Musical Theaters. The story is about all the crimes rampant in our societies and I mean literally all of them you name them. I once had and experience of watching the show live and it just stole my heart.

The musical is an amazing mix of tragedy and satire and I probably loved by many. In the history of longest-running Broadway Musicals Chicago marks the second rank only second to The Phantom of the Opera.

Chicago has lived through in this big competitive world of Broadway in these 20 years holding its head high with class just like one of the contemplative songs in the show where Velma and Mama Morton talks about what has happened to the class. At that time the thought that erupts in mind well why the show has got it in plenty.

Chicago is a living proof that there is no need for over-the-top staging and various consume changings are not the aspects that makes a show a grand hit. It’s the acts you put together and how you put it together how you deliver your message to the audience is what matters. And Chicago with John Kander & Fred Ebb supervision and magnificent choreography by Bob Fosse have done a pretty good job I’ll say. And another plus point are William Ivey’s tightly fitted and habitually transparent all black costumes. That from where the show draws all that sensuality.

Chicago The Musical Tickets

With their live band on the stage the show must have been a revolutionary musical back in its debut staging on 14th November 1996. Chicago the musical tickets sell very fast. Get them from Tickets4musical in advance if you want to watch it.

You forget how ground-breaking this revival must have been, when it officially opened on Broadway on 14th November 1996. Moments of breaking the fourth wall to introduce the musical numbers and having the conductor of the band interact with the actors on stage, still set Chicago apart from its predecessors, and who wouldn’t want to call for their “Exit Music” each time they left the room?

Chicago is equally as famous for its revolving casting door, which has seen both Broadway veterans and celebrities from the world of music, TV and film take to the stage and sink their teeth into those coveted principal roles for special limited engagements. Some of the company’s principals have been with the show for quite some time and continue to delight with every performance. You can get Chicago the musical tickets cheap from

Chicago The Musical Broadway

Williams’ brassy and sultry Mama Morton, Raymond Bokhour’s ever-loveable Amos and R. Lowe’s skilled, gender-bending performance as Mary Sunshine are always crowd-pleasing and essential parts of the production, offering the degree of stability that takes it smoothly through its many cast changes. Although some would argue that Chicago has been reduced to a star vehicle for celebrities wishing to dip their toes into the world of Broadway, I see it as a living, breathing piece of musical theatre history, which rightfully remains at the Ambassador Theatre and reminds us that all you need is class and, of course, all that Jazz!

The International Composers Festival 2018 Scheduled for 21st to 23rd of September

The International Composers Festival returns for its fourth year to Hastings and Bexhill on the sea, East Sussex, UK on September 21st to 23rd this year. The Festival is an exceptional mix of most trending and one-of-a-kind performances that are seen nowhere else in the world.

It is a rare opportunity to listen to some of the most exciting and stirring classical melodies that are being written today. Enjoy three days comprising of four concerts including full of famous orchestral scores, films, gaming and television themes, choral and chamber music. The International Composers Festival is a one of a kind festival established and created by the successful concert pianist, conductor and composer Polo Piatti.

This Three-Day even conveys some of the finest classical talents to Hastings offering both well established and famous composers who have been successfully making their career to new and upcoming artists with fresh talent in their pockets looking for someplace in the modern classical music domain.

The Festival will run four concerts on three days event starting from Friday, 21st to Sunday, 23rd of September 2018. The Four split concerts include a Grand Opening Concert, a Chamber Concert, a Film Concert and concluding with a premiere performance of The Crane’s Wife ballet in a Family Concert.

Composers also submit their work to get approval by the Festival to be able to perform in on the three in-house composites that include, the International Festival Symphony Orchestra, the Children’s Festival Choir, and the International Festival Chorus.

The International Composers Festival is a festival for everyone. The festival comprises of the internationally famous professional players together with countless local musicians and world-class soloist performing unique and thrilling mixes bridging yearn full sounds to the concerts. The International Composers Festival is the only festival that gets together well-known international composers and musicians bringing along their most touching and widespread works live.
Here is a list of Composers and other music artists that are expected to perform live at the International Composers Festival 2018.

  • Sergio Puccini (21st Sept.)
  • John Andrews (21st-23rd Sept.)
  • Ash Madni (21st & 23rd Sept.)
  • Nobuya Monta (23rd Sept.)
  • Dominik Scherrer (22nd Sept.)
  • Sarah Thurlow (21st Sept.)
  • Oliver Poole (22nd & 23rd Sept.)
  • Carlos Salomon (22nd & 23rd Sept.)
  • Paul Lewis (21st & 22nd Sept.)
  • Katerina Mina (21st & 22nd Sept.)
  • Lorenzo D’Antò (22nd Sept.)
  • Melody Woodham (21st Sept.)
  • Simon Morgan
  • Niconomiel Dance CO. (23rd Sept.)
  • Ian Livingstone (22nd Sept.)
  • Rosemary Duxbury (22nd Sept.)
  • Olajide Paris (22nd Sept.)
  • Penny Loosemore (22nd Sept.)
  • Andy Gill (21st Sept.)
  • Brighton Film Quartet (22nd Sept.)
  • Jane Gordon (21st – 23rd Sept.)
  • Mayu Uesugi (23rd Sept.)
  • Justin Pearson (21st – 23rd Sept.)
  • Sunny Li (22nd & 23rd Sept.)
  • Ryoki Midorima (23rd Sept,)
  • Taja & Anna Astar (22nd Sept.)
  • Chris Nicolaids (22nd Sept.)
  • Michael Heath (21st Sept.)
  • Emili Rachemanne (22nd Sept.)
  • Antonio D’anto (22nd Sept.)
  • Matthew Curtis (21st Sept.)
  • Noelia Escalzo (21st Sept.)
  • Garry Judd (22nd Sept.)
  • Philip Godfrey (22nd Sept.)
  • Tasoulla Christou (22nd Sept.)
  • Kevin Riley (21st-22nd Sept.)
  • Julian Marczak (23rd Sept.)
  • Fiona Bennett (22nd Sept.)
  • Alex Marrupe (22nd Sept.)
  • Alexei Knupffer (22nd Sept.)
  • Diane Wilks (22nd Sept.)
  • Thomas Hewitt Jones (21st Sept.)
  • Eastbourne Academy Of Dancing
  • Debbie Wiseman (23rd Sept.)
  • Jacopo Croci (21st Sept.)
  • Julian Norridge (21st-23rd Sept.)
  • International Festival Orchestra
  • Diana Freedman School of Dance
  • Pedro Vilarroig (21st Sept.)
  • John Williams
  • Jonahan Bruce (22nd Sept.)
  • Polo Piatti (21st-23rd Sept.)
  • Simon Proctor (23rd Sept.)
  • Chris Lacey (22nd Sept.)
  • Louise Denny (21st Sept.)
  • Patrick Doyle (22nd. Sept.)
  • Katie Molloy (21st Sept.)

Festival No.6—2018 Lineup Announced…

This Year’s Festival NO.6 is one of the rare chances you’ll see to enjoy the festival unlike other. The organizers have announced this year’s full line up and so much more. This year it is the Friendly Fires’ first festival appearance after full five years before the band decided to take a break. If their past performances are any inspiration I’d say this year’s festival is going to be one worth going to.

Festival NO.6 is the most unique experience of UK. The Festival is located at the coast of Portmeirion, one of the finest locations you would not want to miss.  Festival NO.6 has won multiple awards for their music, art, and cultural activities. The festival features modern and new artists. The main stage is the Mediterranean inspired and hosts a fantasy village surrounded by lots and lots of water, mountains, and woodlands. The festival exhibits a fantasy world in all manner.

This seventh edition of the festival is joined by top-list of artists including The The, the legend of indie-pop Franz Ferdinand, Friendly Fires are back after their long break from music, other than these the famous singer and songwriter Jessie Ware will also be joining this year along with The Charlatans, Everything Everything, Anna Calvi, Gaz Coombes, Django Django, Ride, The Horrors and a special performance from Manchester Camerata Orchestra who’ll be performing Motown and Northern Soul sensations and many more.

The 4 time Grammy nominee Kenny Dope, Erol Alkan, Honey Dijon, Hot Chip, Roy Davis Jr. and Megamix are just a few of great artists topped in DJ lineup.

Art and Culture is no exception in fun and blasting time at the Festival NO.6. Headlining the lineup is the legendary singer of Madness, Suggs who’ll be performing his brand new one-man show ‘What a King Cnut’, also appearing is Will Self, Jeremy Deller, Andrew Weatherall, Edith Bowman along with others.

Hopefully, you are not on prescription on any type of food because Festival NO.6 is bringing a whole lot of variety of food and Drinks to this year’s banquet in the magnificent Portmeirion hotel. Get ready for a dining experience hosted by a personalized line-up of Michelin-starred and innovative chefs

Following is the lineup for the Dining Hosts:



  • Friday -Aiden Byrne- Aiden will be serving a signature menu specifically designed in a manner to boast his team’s matchless skills with some of the best food available in the UK.
  • On Saturday -Callum Franklin- Callum is an expert at cooking new and innovated British dishes combining traditional styles with new flavors.
  • For Sunday- local food hero and Michelin Star holder Gareth Ward –Gareth will be presenting a menu full of local food with an eastern twist.




Global Street Food village will be offering food and drink at Festival NO.6 pulled together by 40+ food vendors providing the actual village feel by serving food in wooden chalets.




The handpicked independent best food producers will provide local and organic produce serving the most exciting and fabulous food and drink menu ever seen at any festival


The festival ought to be a final before a break to improve the format as the festival organization has announced they found it unsuited. Other than art, craft, music, and food, the festival includes some family activities too.

End of the Road Announced the Biggest Lineup of Artist and Theater Acts for 2018

Though the month is about to end but that does not stop our favorite host “The End of the Road Festival” to make this ending a memorable one. The End of the Road hit the town again for a wonderful weekend full of music, food and many more events to have the best times of our life. The Festival is taking place from 30th August to 2nd September at Larmer Tree Gardens and the organizers have revealed the stack of artists and food as well as theater line up for the 2018’s edition.

The festival is full of fun activities that include theater and lots of food items. Following is the lineup for the theater acts that will be performed this year.

End of the Road 2018 Theater Lineup:



La Chinoise, Suspiria, Belladonna Of Sadness, This Unfortunate Thing Between Us


American Psycho, You Were Never Really Here, Lost In Translation, Fish Tank, Wasp, Please Give, Tomboy, Persepolis, The Danish Poet, Big


*Mystery Film*, Dig!, Lady Bird, The Florida Project, The Princess Bride (Quote-Along), Cinema Paradiso, Isle Of Dogs, A Close Shave (U) w/ Senior Model Maker Q&A, The Wrong Trousers


*Mystery Film*, Hellraiser, The Music Videos Of Spike Jonze, Heathers, No Fun City, 20th Century Women, Boy, Mary And The Witch’s Flower, Steamboat Bill Jr.

Like always there is a big list of food vendors and famous restaurants offering  their services and providing the festival goers with variety of food items this year’s host include Wholefood Café, Bangkok, The Little Green Trailer, Rac Shac, The Goan Seafood Company, Happy Maki, Pizza Tabun, Made Of Dough, Beavertown Brewery, Bear Tavern, The Black Crow, Peacock Bars, The Badger Inn and Cider Bus.


End of the Road 2018 Full Lineup:


Vampire Weekend, St. Vincent, Feist, Yo La Tengo, Ezra Furman, Jeff Tweedy, John Cale, Fat White Family, White Denim, Oh Sees, Gruff Rhys, Julia Holter, Mulatu Astatke, Ariel Pink, Big Thief, Josh T. Pearson, Wild Billy Childish & CTMF, Destroyer, Omar Souleyman, Titus Andronicus, Hookworms, Idles, Shame, Alex G, James Holden and The Animal Spirits, This Is the Kit, Ice Age, Jonathan Wilson, The Low Anthem, Protomartyr, The Posies, Soccer Mommy, Julien Baker, Hiss Golden Messenger, Damien Jurado, Sunflower Bean, Lucy Dacus, Shannon and the Clams,  Amen Dunes, Imarhan,  Japanese Breakfast, STEALING SHEEP SUFFRAGETTE TRIBUTE, The Limiñanas, Richard Dawson, Beth Jeans Houghton, Warmduscher, Moor Mother, Jim White, Flatworms, Lost Horizons, Colter Wall, Tirzah, SHOPPING, Jan Bas, The Weather Station, Adrian Crowley, Nilufer Yanya, Sweet Baboo, Darren Hayman, Gwenno, Insecure Men, David Thomas Broughton, DUDS, Snail Mail, Kiran Leonard, Cut Worms, Erin Rae and the Meanwhiles, Caroline Spence, Samuel R. Saffery, Snapped Ankles, Haley Heynderickx, Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker, The Orielles, Boy Azooga, Marc Riley DJ, Daniel Blumberg, Screaming Females, Anna Burch, AK/DK, Penelope Isles, Creatures, Red River Dialect, Warhaus, Tiny Ruins, Laura Misch, Stella Donnelly, Amyl and The Sniffers, Saba Lou, JF Robitaille & Lail Arad, Powerdove, Honey Harper, The Scorpios Zimpel / Ziolek, ZULUZULUU, Plastic Mermaids, Martin Kohlstedt, Hater, A. Wesley Chung, Stevieray S Latham, Suggested Friends.

Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival Lineup Revealed for September Festival Headlining with Jack White on Saturday and Chris Stapleton on Sunday Night

This September gets ready for the gigantic music blast of Pilgrimage Music and Cultural Festival. This year the festival will be crowding The Park at Harlinsdale Farm Franklin, Tennessee for two days of September 22 & 23.

The fourth annual Festival will be featuring national and international award winner Jack White for headlining the Saturday night, Jack has won 12 Grammy Awards and been nominated for thirty-three as for the Sunday Night the headlining performance will be of Chris Stapleton, who holds the most awards for his singing and song-writing. Until now he has received five Grammy Awards, Seven Academy of the Country Music Awards, seven Country Music Association Awards, five Billboard Music Awards and two iHeartRadio Music Awards among others.

The Park at Harlinsdale Farm Village is full of VIP Atmosphere with an outdoor kitchen and a pantry filled with a variety of food presented by a number of best chefs and restaurants on a rotation from 11 am to 7 pm each day of the festival. Some of the most prominent restaurants and chef listing include Lisa White (LA Jackson & Killebrew,) Levon Wallace (Strategic Hospitality,) Martins BBQ Joint, Arnolds Country Kitchen, and more.

Pilgrimage music and cultural festival are also bringing forward a Made South Maker Village containing more than 60 local and regional craft vendors also Bell’s Brewery Craft Beer Hall with onscreen SEC and NFL football games. Moreover, there are the enjoyable experiences of the Millville, TN Market and a food truck park the Farm to Turntable that will be featuring more than 18 local food truck filled with food items including beers and beverages.

A large chunk of Festival profit will go to Williamson County and the Pilgrimage Foundation, these two charitable organizations donate a portion of each sale on tickets to the benefit of City of Franklin and Franklin Parks associations. In addition, some of the profit from the Tickets Sale will also go to MusiCares, a Recording Academy™ nonprofit produce for the music communities to avail a massive range of emergency financial aid and recovery resources.

Following is the Pilgrimage 2018 daily lineup:




Jack White, Lionel Richie, Hozier, Counting Crows, Amos Lee, Dawes
Elle King, Mat Kearney, Valerie June, Kevin Griffin, The Record Company, Caitlyn Smith, Infamous Stringdusters, Tall Heights, Tyminski, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Jillian Jacqueline, Courtney Marie Andrews, Wild Rivers, Sarah Shook & The Disarmers, Ahi, Liz Longley, Madison Ward & Mama Bear, People on the Porch, Jake Leg Stompers, Emma Hern, Josh Martin, Kansas Bible Company, Rhumba Madre



Chris Stapleton, Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, Brandi Carlile, Bleachers, Lord Huron, Maggie Rogers, The Struts, Jade Bird, Keb’ Mo’ Band, The White Buffalo, Pete Yorn, John Moreland, Low Cut Connie, Donovan Woods, Rebirth Brass Band, Joshua Hedley, Caroline Rose, Robert Finley, Devon Gilfillian, Whitney Rose, Lilly Hiatt, Hannah Dasher, Bishop Gunn, Ivory Layne, Rachael Davis, Jamie Kent, The Voodoo Fix, Hymn for Her, Cody Brooks & Bee Taylor


Amsterdam Dance Event Announced Its Initial Series of acts for 2018 Headlining Jeff Mills, Laurent Garnier and Peggy Gou

The five-day event full of dance and fun is coming again this October. Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) will be taking place from October 17th to 21st. the arrangements have been made and also the Festival authorities have announced the initial lineup of acts performances this year.

There are more than 100 acts in the first round of the lineup other acts have not yet been revealed. The festival will be hosted by more than 20 clubs and warehouse venues throughout the week. The most prominent events this year are Afterlife party at Warehouse Elementenstraat, an all-night back-to-back set from Âme and Dixon at Warehouse Houthavens and a live set from Orbital at Paradiso. Also, there is DGTL presenting three nights at DSM Scheepsbouwloods, and Awakenings will have the variety of seven different events at Gashouder. The festival authorities say they are expecting a crowd of 400,000 people this year.

The artists that include in the list that is sure to amaze you are some of the famous house and techno superstars as Helena Hauff, Bonobo, Floorplan, Floating Points, Laurent Garnier, Jeff Mills, Nina Kraviz, DJ Koze, Peggy Gou and Solomun.

And the list of the daytime conference speakers includes booked Joseph Capriati, Dave Clarke and Orbital, and more.


Check out the list below to see the full first round of acts listed by the Amsterdam Dance Event:

Adriatique (CH)– Agents Of Time (IT)– Âme (DE)– AnD (GB)– Andy Moore (GB)– Anetha (FR)– Annelie (NL)– Answer Code Request (DE)– Bambounou (FR)– Ben Klock (DE)– Ben Sims (GB)– Ben UFO (GB)– Benny Rodrigues (NL)– Bicep (GB)– Bonobo (GB)– Boris Brejcha (DE)– Carlos Valdes (NL)– Charlotte de Witte (BE)– Chris Liebing (DE)– Claptone (DE)– Colin Benders (NL)– Dasha Rush (RU)– Dave Clarke (GB)– David Guetta (FR)– Dax J (GB)– De Sluwe Vos (NL)– Derrick May (US)– Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike (BE)– DJ Koze (DE)– DJ Rush (US)– DJ W!ld (FR)– Dixon (DE)– Dubfire (US)– Dub FX (AU)– DVS1 (US)– Element (BR)– Emily Jeanne (BE)– Estroe (NL)– Etapp Kyle (UA)– Fatima Hajji (ES)– Fernanda Martins (BR)– Ferro (NL)– Floating Points (GB)– Cari Lekebusch (SE)–Floorplan (US)– Function (US)– GAIA (NL)– Gary Beck (GB)– Guti (KZ)– Hardwell (NL)– Helena Hauff (DE)– Henrik Schwarz (DE)– I Hate Models (FR)– James Zabiela (GB)– Jamie Jones (GB)– Jay Lumen (HU)– Jeff Mills (US)– Job Jobse (NL)– Matt Sassari (FR)–  Jon Hopkins (GB)– Joris Voorn (NL)– Joseph Capriati (IT)– Stephan Bodzin (DE)–Juan Sanchez (NL)– KiNK (BG)– Kobosil (DE)– Kölsch (DK)– Laurent Garnier (FR)– Leon Vynehall (US)– Liquid Soul (CH)– Luciano (CH)– Luke Slater (GB)– Luuk van Dijk (NL)– Maceo Plex (US)– Mall Grab (AU)– Mano Le Tough (IE)– Marco Bailey (BE)– Markus Schulz (DE)– Martin Garrix (NL)– Mathew Jonson (DE)– Maya Jane Coles (GB)– Memory Loss (CA)– Metropole Orkest (NL)– Mind Against (IT)– Mirella Kroes (NL)– Moxie (GB)– Nicky Romero (NL)– Nina Kraviz (RU)– Octave One (US)– Orbital (GB)– Pan-Pot (DE)– Paula Temple (GB)– Peggy Gou (KR)– Pleasurekraft (US)– Rebekah (GB)– Patrice Bäumel (DE)– Recondite (DE)– Richie Hawtin (CA)– Rinaly (JP)– Paul Oakenfold (GB)– Ritmo (IL)– ROD (NL)– Rødhåd (DE)– Sam Paganini (IT)– Shifted (GB)– Sigala (GB)– Slam (GB)– SNTS (DE)– Solomun (BA)– Speedy J (NL)– Standerwick (GB)– STERAC aka Steve Rachmad (NL)– Stimming x Lambert (DE)– Sven Väth (DE)– Symbolic (IL)– Tale Of Us (IT)– The Advent (PT)– Ticon (SE)– Tom Trago (NL)– Truncate (AK)

The 2018 Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival

The heart of Seattle one of the Biggest most Fantastic Summer Vacation’s Music & Art Festival, Bumbershoot 2018 is here with its 48th exposition to electrify you with its fantastic lineup including headliners like J. Cole, The Chainsmokers, and SZA.

The festival is to take place at the Seattle Center in Washington from August 31st to September 2nd.  The lineup also includes biggest star names such as Fleet Foxes, Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Blondie, Illenium, Portugal. The Man, Phoenix, Cold War Kids, Bishop Briggs, The Revolution, Chromeo and a big number of your favorite artists.

And that is not all for the Festival offers a load of fun with its comedy and conversation and theaters and many other activities as well.

Following is the full list of all the acts on lineup per day:



FRIDAY, 31st August:

“The Chainsmokers” “ Lil Wayne” “ RL Grime” “ Ludacris” “ Gryffin” “ Rhye” “ Lane 8” “ Moses Sumney” “ AJR” “ Noah Gundersen” “ Poolside” “ Elderbrook” “ Arkells” “ Knox Fortune” “ Mt. Joy” “ Xavier Omar” “ Hobo Johnson & The Lovemakers” “ Sloucher” “ Duckwrth” “ Ripe” “ Jpegmafia” “ Wimps” “ Ethan Tucker” “ Xie” “ DoNormaal” “ DJ100Proof” “ USC Presents Silent Disco” “ B.A.G.” and “Jake Crocker”.


SATURDAY, 1st September:

“J. Cole” “ Illenium” “ Young Thug” “ Chromeo” “ T-Pain” “ dvsn” “ The Revolution” “ Dr. Octagon” “ Tritonal” “ Emancipator Ensemble” “ Marian Hill” “ Towkio” “ Superorganism” “ Bhad Bhabie” “ Saweetie” “ Yung Pinch” “ Cherry Glazerr” “ Mikky Ekko” “ Ducky” “ Maxo Kream” “ Fisher” “ Nothing” “ Nowhere.” “Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever” “Marc E. Bassy” “Bas” “Travis Thompson” “Jack Harlow” “Knife Knights” “Grynch” and “Yuno”.


SUNDAY, 2nd September:

“SZA” “Fleet Foxes” “Portugal: The Man” “ Phoenix” “ Blondie” “ Cold War Kids” “ Bishop Briggs” “ Tinashe” “ Kelela” “ Deorro” “ Bahamas” “ Olivia O’Brien” “ Black Pistol Fire” “ London On Da Track” “ Sasha Sloan” “ Elohim” “ Daysormay” “ Field Report” “ Kailee Morgue” “ The Pink Slips” “ Ella Vos” “ Jade Bird” “ GG Magree” “ Jillian Jacqueline” “ The Regrettes” “ Lovelytheband” “ Carlie Hanson” “ Great Grandpa” “ Brent Amaker” and “the Rodeo”




  • On Deck with Courtney Karwal” “ Jamel Johnson & Mike Mulloy
  • Dear Owen Wilson with Blair Socci
  • Bad Jokes with Wilfred Padua and Hansmjustin
  • Battle of the Word Poetry Slam



  • Off Book: The Improvised Musical with Jessica McKenna & Zach Reino
  • Art Corps Presents: Youth Speaks Seattle
  • Battle of the Word Poetry Slam



  • Nikkita Oliver hosting Think It, Say It, Do It
  • Langston Kerman
  • Haunting Renditions: Plugged In with Eliot Glazer



“Emily Heller” “ Alex Edelman” “ Sam Jay” “ Josh Johnson” “ Liza Treyger” “ Shane Torres” “ Chris Fairbanks” “ Amir K” “ Kate Willett” “ Lisa Best” “ Bri Pruett” “ Kortney Shane Williams” “ Gavin Matts” “ Sophie Buddle” “ Alyssa Yeoman”.

Coachella Music Festival FAQs

coachella festival tickets

What is Coachella Festival?

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is an Annual Music Festival held for 3 days in Calofirnia.


Where is Coachella 2019?

Coachella Music Festival 2019 will be held at Coachella Velly Empire Polo Field, Indio, California.


How much are coachella tickets?

There are different prices for general admission and VIP packages. Normally is from $250 to $2500 for a VIP package.


When is coachella 2019?

Coachella 2019 Weekend 1 is on 4/12/2019 – (12 April) and Coachella Weekend 2 2019 is on 4/19/2019 – (19 April)


How much is Coachella?

There are different prices for different sections.


Where is coachella held?

Coachella held in Indio California.


Coachella FEstival Location Map


When do coachella tickets go on sale?

Tickets go on sale on Coachella official site. If its sold out then you can find here Coachella festival tickets 2019 at secondary tickets place


How long is Coachella?

Coachella is 3 days festival and held for 2 weekends. Either you can choose Coachella Weekend 1 or Weekend 2 or you can go on both with separate passes. 😊


How much do coachella tickets cost?

Prices are different for weekend 1 and weekend 2 and also for different sections.

Coachella is in dessert area and it will be hot there. You should wear stylish and trendy clothes and comfortable ones.


How to prepare for Coachella 2019?

There is full informative What to wear to Coachella?

guide available at

You can read this and prepare yourself for the festival. You can also get tickets from here.


How many people attend Coachella?

More than 100,000 people attended Coachella 2018 Music Festival.


What is coachella like?

Coachella is a music festival with full on entertainment. Check their Lineup to see who are performing.


How long does coachella last?

Coachella last for 3 days for both weekend 1 and weekend 2.


How much are tickets to Coachella?

Prices vary for different sections. You can get lowest price as well as VIP ones.


What is coachella fashion?

On Coachella people like to wear trendy clothes. Many celebrities visit Coachella and you will see everyone wearing stylish and fashionable clothes.


coachella vip tickets


Where is coachella valley?

Coachella valley is a desert valley in southern California riverside county.


How many days is Coachella?

Coachella weekend 1 last for 3 days and same for weekend 2.


How far is coachella from la?

Its 133 Miles away from Los Angeles. It will take around 2 hours to reach there by car.


Coachella where is it?

Its at Empire Polo Club, Indio, California, United States


How to get coachella tickets?

You can go on and buy your tickets online.


How much does a coachella ticket cost?

Its prices keep changing as per demand and supply. Better buy cheap Coachella tickets in advance instead of paying more at the end.


When does coachella lineup come out?

Coachella music festival lineup released few months before then festival.


What happens at Coachella?

Its lot of fun to be on Coachella festival. Its music festival so many top singers perform live there. More than 100000 people attend this 3-day festival. You can enjoy camping, pool and different other parties.


coachella 2019


What is coachella style?

Style depends on you that what looks good on you. Mostly girls wear short dresses as weather is hot there.


What time does coachella start on Friday?

Gate opens at 11 AM for entrance.


When is coachella weekend 1 2019?

Coachella 2019 Weekend 1 is going to be on 12 April 2019.


When is coachella weekend 2 2019?

Coachella 2019 Weekend 2 is going to be on 19 April 2019.


Coachella where to stay?

You can get a camp or hotel whatever you like more. Camping is a fun there.


How do you pronounce Coachella?

Its called as Co-chella


How far is coachella from palm springs?

Its around at 30 miles from Palm Springs. Just 35 minute drive.


How fast do coachella tickets sell out?

Coachella tickets sold out very fast. You can get sold out tickets from


How much are coachella vip tickets?

Coachella festival VIP tickets prices are between $1000 to $2000.




What to bring to coachella camping?

Cash, Sunglasses, Camera, Water Bottle, Sunscreen, Phone Charger, Ibuprofen etc


When are coachella tickets mailed?

Your tickets will be delivered before 1 weeks of festival.


When do coachella presale tickets go on sale?

There is no fix time for presale.


When to buy coachella tickets?

As early as possible because price keep increasing.


Where is the coachella valley?

It’s in Southern California.


Who is playing at Coachella?

Keep checking Coachella official site for lineups.


Is coachella sold out?

Even if its sold out, you can get sold out Coachella tickets from


coachella fashion


Is coachella vip worth it?

Yes, Its really worth it to enjoy the Coachella festival with VIP passes.


What shoes to wear to Coachella?

Flip flops and sandles will be the best options due to hot weather.


Where to stay Coachella?

You can do camping or stay in hotel.


Who created Coachella?

It was Co-founded by Paul Tollett and Rick Van Santen.


Who performs at Coachella?

Every year different singers perform at Coachella.


Which Airport is closest to Coachella?

Mostly people use Los Angeles airport to reach Coachella.

KAABOO Music Festival 2018’s Lineup Featuring Katy Perry, Imagine Dragons, Foo Fighters, and Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters As Headliners

KAABOO Music Festival 2018 is back to Del Mar again for three days full of fun and energized music along with a healthy dose of comedy. The Festival will take place at Del Mar Racetrack and Fairgrounds near San Diego on September 14 to 16, 2018.

Beginning in 2015 KAABOO Music Festival has always attracted millions of people from all around the world and this year is no exception. It is expected that this year’s KAABOO Music Festival will draw a crowd of 100,000 plus people.

Described as “An Adult Escape” the Festival features many events other than just music which make it stand out even more like cuisine, visual art & crafts, beers, spa, pool & cabanas and many more items.

The Lineup for the Musical as well as Comedy acts been announced featuring some of the well-known stars like Katy Perry, Foo Fighters, Imagine Dragons, and Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters as headliners. Other than that, many other sensational artists will also perform on the stage including Halsey, Post Malone, Wiz Khalifa, Incubus, Earth Wind & Fire, Gucci Mane, Alice in Chains, Blondie, Billy Idol, Jimmy Eat World, Cake, Nelly, Big Boi, N.E.R.D., and many others.

The Chief Brand and Marketing Executive of KAABOO Music Festival, Jason Felts said, “This year’s music and comedy announcement offers all of our guests a highly curated lineup that varies from the derivative mainstream festival circuit,” He also added “We are proud of KAABOO’s depth and diversity of talent which we bring to our guests each year. KAABOO offers something for everyone including a lineup of emerging bands that is always fun to see our guests discover.”

Let’s hope that this year’s festival is as fun as always, Don’t Forget to buy your cheap Kaaboo tickets and become a part of this biggest adventure of all time. Have loads of fun with music and other offered facilities and tons of laughter with fabulous comedy acts in the end.

Here’s a Full Lineup announced by the authorities:


KAABOO Del Mar 2018 Lineup

 Musical Acts Include:

 Foo Fighters, Imagine Dragons, Katy Perry, Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters, Halsey, Post Malone, Wiz Khalifa, N.E.R.D, Incubus, Earth, Wind & Fire, Gucci Mane, Slash ft. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators, Alice in Chains, Billy Idol, Jewel, Blondie, Jimmy Eat World, CAKE, Nelly, Big Boi, Melissa Etheridge, Stone Temple Pilots, TLC, Quinn XCII, The All-American Rejects, Bebe Rexha, War, Tower of Power, Better Than Ezra, Robert DeLong, The Wailers, SWMRS, Everclear, Soul Asylum, The Zombies, The English Beat, Candlebox, Vanessa Carlton, Elvin Bishop, Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors, The Spencer Lee Band, Emily Warren, Katie Toupin, Diego’s Umbrella, Charlie Overbey, The National Parks, Boulevards, Shane Hall, Hunter & The Dirty Jacks, Vista Kicks, Stealing Oceans, Tall Heights, Creature Canyon, CVBZ, Chelsea, Cutler, Elise Trouw, Raelee Nikole, Oblivion Her Majesty, FITNESS, L.A. Edwards, Bay Ledges, Courtship., Mamafesta, Sully & The “Blue-Eyed Soul Band”, Kool & The Gang (Thursday Night ONLY).


Comedy Acts Include:

Craig Ferguson, Iliza Shlesinger, Nick Offerman, Craig Robinson, Chris Hardwick, Whitney Cummings, Kevin Nealon, Pete Holmes, Nikki Glaser, Pauly Shore, Aparna Nancherla, Orny Adams, J.F. Harris.

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